How to Get Quotes on Public Liability Insurance

A public liability insurance quote will help you to find out the cost of your businesss insurance coverage, particularly for your type of business. In order to get an online or an off-line quote, you would require some information regarding your company, while filling an online quote. This information could be your business type, number of workers, as well as some other details of your business activities.

For a Public Liability Insurance quote, you will need to:

  • Specify the type of business.
  • Indicate business category like (sole proprietorship, limited company, partnership, etc).
  • Specify the estimated or approximation of the annual turnover of your business. The annual turnover implies to the total sum of the receivables in respect to services or goods sold in course of your business.
  • Must specify, whether there were any previous claims from the last several years. If yes, then you will have to provide the circumstances, details as well as claim amounts.
  • Specify whether you are working in an industrial zone or commercial sector other than shop or office.
  • Also fill information of your subsidiary companies, if exist.
  • The quote also requires the information about the exact number of employees including clerical employees, directors, and business partners, so as the insurer can calculate the premium rate.
  • A claim helps the policyholder seek settlement if he submits all the details including any occupational diseases as per the terms of the policy.
  • The last information you need to fill is the preferred date from which coverage started is required to be provided for a quote. Usually, policy starts within approximately a 30 day period.

For getting an online quote, you can have multiple quotes from various sites. So, study them over and select the best public liability insurance cover. When filling an offline quote, make sure you have studied the entire proposal well, check out if all areas of your business has been covered or not. Read carefully before you place your signature on the quote.

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