Know How to Prepare Your Wedding Guest List

Wedding preparations may make one worried. However, arranging a wedding plan in advance with better organization can help you avoid this tension. While planning, wedding invitations is an important element of wedding preparation checklist, preparing a wedding guest list is other critical task. However, you can easily prepare your wedding guest list by following these tips.

Picture the wedding. A wedding guest list depends on your desires – you can plan for a simple family wedding or a ceremony with even far off relatives. Keeping this in mind, prepare a rough draft as to how many people will attend the wedding. Also, when making the list, consider your budget. Decide whom to invite for the wedding and whom to invite for the reception. However, avoid getting emotional when deciding – otherwise, you will end up in financial troubles later if you go on adding everyone in the wedding guest list. Categorize your invitees into sections like family, colleagues, friends, business associates, doubtful attendees, etc. upfront and then proceed making the list. You can prepare a combined list with your fiance or maintain a separate list.

Cut short the list by eliminating those whom you need not invite. How to decide that? Well, it’s simple. Avoid classmates whom you didn’t speak for years and colleagues whom you do not interact with outside the workplace. You can also avoid far-off relatives whom you are not in contact with. Start preparing the list about four months before your marriage. At the same time, consider the type of wedding invitation you wish to give for your friends and family. Collect the addresses of your invitees and mail the invitations 4-6 weeks before the wedding. Follow these guidelines and be firm to prepare your wedding guest list.

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