How to Make Business Insurance Claim?

Filing a business insurance claim is the immediate step that must be taken after the occurrence of the disaster or theft at your business location. Contact your insurance broker for assessing the damage done to your business in case of fire accidents etc. Any robbery or theft should also be reported to the police immediately. Keep detailed records of business activities, so that you should be able to show the details of the income generating before and after the loss.

To record the claim accurately, the claims adjuster asks for the proof or the information about the incident. It may include, photos of the lost property after the incident, a good surveillance cameras are considered the better evidence that keep digital records for at least about thirty days. In case of business liability insurance claims, get to know the names, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in the claim. Make a record of all the lost property, if possible try to get the receipts of the lost property. Keep all the damaged items aside, for submitting the proof of repairs and damaged property to the insurer.

Tips to be followed before making a claim:

  • Keep a copy of your business insurance policy with you, away from the business premises.
  • While repairs are being made, lower your regular business costs for few days.
  • Within this time of repairs, advertise to let know your customers that your business is still running and has moved to a temporary location.
  • For the verification and the reimbursement of your lost and damaged property, always keep receipts for everything.

Follow up with the adjuster on progress of the claim for getting a better claim resolution.

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