Maintenance Checklist For Healthy Homes

A healthy home is a one which is constructed, maintained, and restored in such a way that it is conductive to good occupant health. To maintain a healthy home, the members of a house or occupants should keep it dry, clean, well maintained, free from dusts, pest – free, and safe in all seasons. Maintaining home in good condition reduces allergens, prevent illness, reduce injury from accidents and avoids costly repairs. The list which mentioned here may need to be checked more often depending on local conditions and manufacturer suggestions to avoid problems in future.


  • Check whether the fire extinguisher is fully charged or not. Replace if needed.
  • Clean the debris that is collected at sink stoppers and drain holes.
  • Change filters once a month if user’s manual recommends fiberglass filters.
  • Clean out debris on floor and outdoor drain gates.
  • Check for leaks and water run-on in toilets.
  • Tighten drain connections and fasteners.
  • Wash fan blades and housing.


  • Drain the water and sediment from your hot water heater
  • Change the water in your hot water heater
  • When air conditioner turned off, check the evaporator unit for dirt, brushing and dusting it.
  • Choose a sunny day and wash all windows.
  • Clean the dust present in electric heaters before putting into storage.
  • Clean the coils of refrigerator.
  • Replace the filters in your air conditioning systems.


  • Remove window air conditioners.
  • Examine the seals on windows and doors.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts for repairing weak points and also check for proper slope.
  • Check the roof by inspecting roof surface, flashing, eaves and replace if needed.
  • Analyze joints in ceramic tile and caulk around tub and sink.
  • Have your heating and air conditioning systems serviced.
  • Check for any repair and plumbing leaks.


  • Check for any wasp nests around your home and remove it.
  • Clean kitchen exhaust fans, dryer vents.
  • Change the direction of ceiling fans.
  • Check and repair your home sump pump.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts.
  • Replace filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.

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