List of Foods that Help You Lose Weight Fast

Today there are many people looking for means and ways to lose their excess weight. Due to increase in overtake of junk food, many people are struggling with weight gain issues. But losing weight is a process and can not be done within a day. Here is a list of foods that may help you lose your weight.

  • Fruits and Raw Vegetables: Fruits (lemon, orange, pineapple) that contain high amounts of vitamin C, help in digest and burn off your body fat. Your body burns 16% more calories if you have your meal with fruits & vegetables than if you have a meal without any fruits or vegetables.

  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal consists of high amounts of fiber that reduces your appetite and make you feel heavy, so that you can stay without eating along with high energy levels. It also gives you more energy even when you are in work for longer periods. If you take oatmeal before 1-2 hrs of exercise, you will lose weight much faster. So always choose oatmeal in your breakfast and see that you will have only natural oats instead of oatmeal that contain lots of sugar.

  • Nuts: Nuts also contain high amounts of fiber to gratify hunger and also you get a good dose of proteins to help your fat to burn faster. Always, make sure you eat raw and organic nuts instead of roasted nuts in oil or the nuts that are salted.

  • Apples and Pears: Apples and pears are good fruits for a dieter. These fruits contain more pectin that prevents your body from absorbing fat. Apples and pears can be taken between the meals, as the pectin from these fruits helps decrease blood sugar levels. Three pears or one apple a day forces you to lose more body weight. So, replace your snacks and heavy oil junk food with apples and pears.

  • Spices: Prepare your food with spices like chili peppers, hot mustard, red pepper. There is an ingredient called capsaicin present in red hot pepper that helps in suppressing the appetite.

The list of foods would help you lose weight easily. Ensure your diet contains the above list of food items and do follow these foods regularly.

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