Car Features that Help Prevent Accidents

Today, car accidents have become more common in every state due to many reasons. It occurs when a vehicle hits with another vehicle, or a pedestrian, debris on the road, animal, or other objects such as a pole or a tree. These collisions may result in injury, death, vehicle damage and property damage. A number of factors can lead to collision including vehicle design, speed of operation, road design, road environment, driver’s skill or driver behavior. You can prevent these car accidents if you install some of the latest crash avoidance features in your car.

Following are some of the features that help you prevent car accidents:

  • Anti-locking braking systems (ABS): Installing this type of system in the car reduces the risk of tires skidding under heavy breaking and allows the driver to maintain and steer the car in control. It operates under heavy breaking or on slippery surfaces.
  • Handling and stability: A car with good holding and stability gives you more control on road and also you can be more responsive to it. Good handling depends on the design and integration of the car’s steering, suspension, braking, acceleration, and body and weight distribution. Aggressive driving styles reduce the benefits gained from good handling.
  • Sensors, cameras, and on board computers: Use of these electronic devices in the car can warn the driver of a potential accident, better prepare the car and passengers for a collision, and in some cases automatically apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t act in time to avoid a crash.
  • Ion Road Application: Ion Road is an application with many great features. It projects the information onto a real-time display of the world. You can see graphical indicators that draw your attention to lane boundaries, approaching cars and distance to objects. Another feature called heads up display (HUD) which tells you your speed. Overall, it will alert you when you are too close to other cars, speeding or when you drift out of your lane. It will also read text messages and notifications loud and keep a driving log complete with snapshots of risky events on the road.
  • Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA): By installing this safety technology, drivers can know that, they have exceeded the speed limit. It activates when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit for a section of road by a predetermined limit. It gives the warnings to the driver that they are going too fast in terms of audio or visual sounds.

The above are some of the features that can help you to prevent car accidents. Not only the above, you have to drive carefully when road is wet, when you are drunk- give your car to your friend to drive.

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