Know about Asanas in Yoga

Asanas is a Sanskrit word that means a sitting posture or pose for doing meditation. In Yoga, the Asanas are body poses such as the triangle posture and the lotus posture. It is also one of the several components of ancient tradition of the Yoga. As we all know that Yoga refers to the quest for union of the self with greater consciousness of the universe. There are many traditions of Yoga each making a different path toward this union. The Asanas are also one of the paths of the Yoga traditions which make the physical Yoga path. Practicing Yoga can help you to maintain good health by improving its immune system. The main benefits of doing these Asanas will help you to control various diseases, improving physical fitness, and promotes strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Asanas are body postures used to blend the mind and body to achieve complete physical and mental relaxation. Practicing Yogasanas regularly can re-energize the entire physiological system. Yogasanas work mainly on the endocrine and nervous systems. Since both the systems are inter-related, the effects produced on these two reflect on the other systems as well.

Things to remember while practicing Yoga:

  • Make a habit of drinking water before and after the practice of Yoga, and if required even during practice.
  • Whichever you are practicing the posture, try with ease and increase the time of that posture. If you are unable to retain that posture then try that posture for several times.
  • Perform slowly and steadily while moving from one posture to another posture. This will help you stay away from strain. First practice the simple Asanas and then take up with the more difficult Asanas.

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