Process to Clean Car Interiors

Every time whenever you are planning to wash your car the first thing you need to do is clean your interior first then go to the outer part.

Cleaning car seats
For cleaning the interiors the most effective as well as better thing you can do is vacuum the seats. Today we have many products to clean car seats, for better cleaning you should often wipe down the seats. Of course the leather seats can be cleaned easily with the help of damp cloth and by using a bit of detergent. But for fabric seats you should clean them carefully, so take two cloths and spray water which should mixed with detergent and wipe them with the damp cloth and again with another dry cloth. Next keep the windows down to dry the seats completely.

Floor mats of the car
It is easy to clean the leather or rubber mats by simply spraying some soapy water and wiping with cloths, but for fabric mats you should use vacuum cleaner. For this first you need to remove them out and shake well to remove loose debris and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean it clearly.

Attach a soft brush to the vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the dash board. You can also use tooth brush or car brush to dust if you cant able to reach any hard spaces and also you can wipe up with wet cloth.

Steering wheel and Handle
you should use simple wet cloth to clean your car steering even though it may be leather, because using leather care products may make your steering wheel slippery and hinder from having good grip for you. It is better if you often do this for better look.

use slightly damped washcloth that is made up of superfine fibers and dip in the mixture of detergent if needed and clean it thoroughly, but don’t wipe it too hard it may cause some fuzz.

it is a good idea to clean heater, because by this we can prevent respiratory ailments and allergies that cause due to too much of dust. So use cotton swabs and dry cloth to clean it easily by easily accessing through the narrow vent spaces.

Doors and Windows
Lastly clean all the doors and windows from inside, for this you need to use soft cloth as the rough cloth may cause scratches on the glass of the window. For doors use some detergent and wipe with damp cloth and rub harder on the grimy areas.

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