How to Make Your Own Wall Arts

Wall arts or wall hangings are very common form of arts that can be seen in many houses and offices these days. There are different kinds of wall arts or wall hangings that are made of different materials like wood, metal, textiles, quilt, etc. They are also available in many shapes and styles that fall in your budget. Wall arts are either stickers or hangings or frames that are fixed on the wall.

Wall arts like stickers and hangings are cheaper when compared to those that come in frames. They can be made much cheaper by making it on your own. All it needs is little creativity.

You can observer many things in and around your house that are of no use. What if they turn out to be the most beautiful wall art that increases the beauty of your house? Yes, it is possible. This article gives you a few ideas on how to make your own wall arts.

  • Leaves make a good wall art when used properly. Leaves are nature’s gift and they costs you nothing. Collect the leaves that are not split or torn. Paste them on a plain cloth or a glass surface to make a particular shape. Use your creativity and you can color them or do whatever you want to and make it beautiful. Stick or pin the cloth to the wooden cardboard and fix it to the wall. Glass can have a wooden or metal frame. Change the leaves regularly to make it look fresh and different always.
  • Wall arts can be made with old tools that are lying around and are of no use. Fixing them to the rod or hanger and attaching it to the wall makes your wall look beautiful. Arrange the tools according to the sizes or shapes based on your idea.
  • Take a big char and draw different geometrical shapes by using bright colors evenly. This can also be a wall art for your house.
  • Collect all the photograph frames you are having in your house and arrange them to one wall in a shape.
  • Pieces of different colors of your old clothes or papers and arranging them properly will make a beautiful wall art.
  • Just hanging the ribbons closely of different colors all along your wall will make your wall look beautiful.
  • Tie a rope to your wall and hang the photographs of yourself or your family or friends using clips, like you dry your clothes, it gives a different look to your wall.

Remember, you do have creative ideas, its only that you don’t know how to execute it. Think smart, be creative and make beautiful wall arts all by yourself.

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