Doing Keyword Research for Your Auto Dealership Website

Keyword research is one of the most important aspect for an auto dealership website for better search engine optimization. Keyword research process includes selecting the most optimum performance keyword phrases that can help visitors find the auto dealership website. It is waste of time doing fine tune of dealership’s website for better ranking in the search engines, without targeting right keyword phrases. Even if you get high search engine rank with that fine tune, right traffic to the website will be a difficult task with improper and wrong keywords.

  • Identify website goals: First identify the goals or targets of the dealership website. Those are like what you are expecting through the website, what you want to present, location, etc.


  • Create a good landing page: List down all the pages of the dealership website. Take a topic for each web page. It will help you guide the keyword researching process and ensure that each page has a distinct and separate focus. It enables you to prevent web pages from getting each other’s way in SERPs (search engine results pages). With having a clear road map on the website pages, you will save time.


  • Keyword research process: The keyword research process includes some important steps. These are as follows:
    • Discover: It includes discovering the keywords for the auto dealership website and targeted customers as many as possible. Identify the keywords with the help of clients or customers, colleagues and brainstorm, which would be the most relevant to the vehicles you have and the services offered to the customers. There are some search tools to help you in this process like:
      • Wordtracker: It is a free service and allows to look up popular keyword phrases.
      • Ad server softwareOverture: It is a search term suggestion tool. It offers keyword popularity information for pay per click advertisements, it helps very well to carry out the keyword research.
      • Google Adwords: It is designed to aid paid search ad targeting. Even though the statistics given by Google Adwords keyword tool is valid and very useful for the organic results.
      • Google auto complete: The Google search bar gives some suggestions while we are typing. These are a few popular terms based on the location.
      • Google insights: It is a great comparison tool from Google for search terms. It allows to filter the words or terms to a state or metro level areas.
    • Analyze: Once you discover or find the keywords from different sources, you need to analyze the key words. Test the keywords how they are performed and showing the results in the search engines. Eliminate the keywords which are not having good results.
    • Select: After analyzing the keywords you will have a few more words. Short list the most relevant for your goals and business. The focused keyword phrases will attract good traffic to the site and can convert them to sales.
    • Deploy: Once the keyword selection is done, you need to deploy on your auto dealership website. It is not advisable to keep all the keyword phrases on all the pages. Use the keywords two to four times per page.

Use wisely the important keywords in title tag, meta description tag, body text, headlines, alt text or alt tag, title attributes, anchor text, file name and table summary.

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