How to sell your old car?

All car manufacturing companies are maintains a used car dealerships. That means when we are looking for a new car, they are ready to buy our old car. But you need to think about the price what they offered for you for your used car. If it is not meets your price range you can sell it your own way. Below are the tips to sell your vehicle by your own.

Know the market value
Whenever you want to sell your car, it is better to know the market price like by visiting the news portals and some internet portals which having ads relevant to selling cars. Or else you can meet some dealers and ask their help to give the value of your car. Know about your car condition and compare it to other advertisements like what is there car conditions and how much the price they mentioned. These research work will help a lot to decide the price of your car.

Give the price more than you expected
Once you done with market evaluation then you need to fix a price for your car based on its condition and age and looking. It is always better to give a high price like 10%-15% more than what you expected. Because some customers wants bargain when they will buy something. So even though if they bargain it will come to your actual expected price. Don’t accept if they ask more discount on your car.

Clean your car and check its functioning
Before going to sell your car, it is better to clean your car and do some repairs if it is needed. Because if your car is clean and well maintained you may get more than what you expected. And if there is any problem in your car like ac repair or some thing other which will cost more then you just leave that. You don’t spend much amount on repairing them. But make sure if any small problems are corrected and its functioning is good or not.

Go with advertising
Next step of your car buying process is advertising. You can advertise in news papers. But is more costly compared to the online advertising. Online advertising is best option for you because it will reach the audience globally. And works effectively. You can even advertise with word of mouth. By telling the all your related circles. And also you can even meet the advertising dealers.

Check documents and close the deal
Once you get the buyer and if every thing is OK for him then you need to submit the all documents papers. So be prepared for that collect all documents keep along with you. And it is better to get a No objection certificate. And once he pays all the amount you can submit the keys and document papers. If he gives a Demand draft or check. Don’t give the keys of car until unless you get the money.

The above all points are very important when you are going to sell your used car.

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