Interesting Facts about Dentist Drill

Today, many people are suffering with dental problems. The problems caused due to unhygienic conditions. Generally, food materials are filled inside the gaps of teeth. This leads to cavity, tooth decay. By proper brushing, we can overcome this problem. However, sometimes if the food materials are not cleaned then it gives birth to bacteria. If the cavity appears on teeth, it becomes tough to clean. Because we cannot clear it with brush. Therefore, in this case the alternative method to clean the teeth is called as “Dental drill”.

Dental drill is also called as dentist drill. It is very small and high-speed machine. It is made of extremely hard material. It is mainly having three elements that: head, neck and shank.
They will available in different shapes and different dimensions according to the procedures needed. The head contains blades. Which will help as cutting tips? The position of blades is also different according to the angles and cutting finishes.

Primitive dental drills are used in the early 19th centuries. In addition, later American dentist George F. Green added power to that drill. This innovation is revolutionized in dental field.

Uses of Dental Drill:
Dental drill is an equipment which mainly used by dentistry. It is mainly used to clear food materials inside the teeth holes. This caused due to tooth decay. Generally, at the time of dental fillings dentist cleans the area, which he wants to cover with filling. Some times this drills is also used in jeweler for high precision drilling work. This dental drill is very helpful for people who are suffering from pain of tooth problems.

Nowadays there are many improvements done in these dental drills. These are available in market, which can operate 30,000 rotations per minute. By these high-speed operations, the dentist work becomes faster. It is beneficial for both dentist and the patient.

Interesting Facts about Dental Drill

  • The dental drills are mainly two types. One is high speed(2,50,00 RPM) and another one is slow speed(8000 RPM)

  • While operating this drill in your tooth the dentist is subjected to as much as bacteria you sneezed in their face. This is also a reason that dentist wears a facemask.

  • When the drill is rotating, it shoots some amount of water, because while in drilling it produces some form of heat. This will damage the nerves inside the tooth. Therefore, by shooting some amount of water we can come down by that problem.

  • The dental drill gets heated after every use that is 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The very first drill that is named as a bow drill used by 9000 years ago.

  • Some drill bits are coated with diamonds to give a smoothing effect.

  • In the early 2oth century, many dentists used drills that are powered by pedal. Dentist need to pump that with his foot.

  • Some high-speed dental drills make heavy noise, due to this most of the people getting scared to visit dental hospitals. Even though if they if they do not have dental fear, because of this noise they were like unpleasant.

  • Some dental drills are very expensive like even more than that average of our home improvement drill.

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