What Differentiates a Good SEO Provider from a Bad SEO Provider

Hiring a SEO service provider can be a challenging task for small businesses. There are a number of SEO providers in the market today and to choose the one that is reliable and trust worthy is very important for your business. A good SEO provider has the knowledge and experience in SEO services, whereas a bad SEO provider will promise results, but will fail to deliver.

Following are the differences between a good SEO provider and a bad SEO provider.

  • Search Engine Rules and Guidelines: A good SEO provider will follow the rules and guidelines of search engines and will also be up to date on the changing algorithms and will also adopt them to rank your website in first page of search results.

  • Whereas a bad SEO provider will constantly violate the rules and guidelines of search engines and will use black hat techniques to rank their client’s website at the top in search results. The end result of using these techniques is, the website will either be banned or penalized by search engines.

  • Long term success: Good SEO providers focus on long term success. They follow effective and efficient SEO strategies and techniques to make their client’s website achieve higher ranking and stay in the first page of search results for a long time.

  • Bad SEO providers will promise rankings for your website, they may also achieve it, but the success is just for a short period of time. They will go against the rules and guidelines of search engines and ultimately the website of a small business owner will be badly affected and will be considered unauthoritative by search engines.

  • Transparency: Good SEO provider is professional and easy to work with. They provide their clients with information about their website’s progress and what are the techniques that will be used to achieve the objectives. They maintain transparency in the implementation of their work.

  • Whereas Bad SEO providers are not willing to share their plans and methods with their clients. They keep their clients in the dark and don’t reveal their strategies and techniques that will be used by them.

  • Promise: A good SEO provider will not make any false promises to its client saying that the website will rank well in a short period of time. Because it is not possible to rank high in search results once your website has implemented online marketing strategies. Search engine algorithms are revised regularly and a good SEO provider is aware about it and they are confident about their abilities to bring the website to the top in a reasonable time.

  • Whereas bad SEO providers will make false promises of rank the website on top of the search results in a short period of time, which is impossible and can never happen.

  • Cost: A good SEO provider will charge the client according to the market rate. Whereas a bad SEO provider may offer low or high price to attract clients, saying that the results are guaranteed.

So, when considering a SEO company for your business website, you need to take a look on their experience, clients and success rate in the market. This will help you to choose a good SEO provider who will provide value to your investment.

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