Know About the Types and Facts of Hybrid Engines

Hybrid engine is the term commonly used in hybrid vehicles which combines the traditional internal combustion engine and one or more electronic devices. These engines gives power to the cars most of the time and when the car requires additional power it allows to use an alternate efficient engine.

The vehicles that mostly use hybrid engine are called as hybrid vehicles. Cars usually have the combination of electronic motor and gasoline engine. These hybrid engines help the vehicles to get the maximum power and improved fuel economy. The vehicles get recharged without plugging in electric outlets by getting the electric power for the motor through gasoline engine and regenerative engine.

Types of hybrid engines:

  • Full hybrid:
    As hybrid engine this is also a combination of electric motor and a gasoline engine. Here the gasoline is the primary source of power and electric motor is the secondary source i.e, it provides the power additionally when required. The electric motors here helps the vehicle to use low speed, low acceleration and helps to back up when the vehicle is stopped during traffic.

  • Start/stop hybrid:
    Start/stop hybrids doesn’t use electricity from the batteries to propel the vehicle. In hybrid vehicles this feature is very important as it is a building block in energy saving. These are not true hybrids as they don’t use electricity. When the vehicle is stopped in the traffic the gasoline engine shuts off automatically so that it conserves the energy.

Facts about hybrid:

  • It converts the wasted energy through braking and stores it in a battery.
  • Using regenerative braking saves the electricity usage as the rotating wheels helps to turn on the motor.
  • If power is needed additionally during stopping of vehicle, automatic application of disc brakes happens.
  • Electric motor and gasoline engine stops automatically when the vehicle stops and stays idle. So, that power is not wasted.
  • When compared to conventional batteries the batteries used in hybrids stores more energy and helps to start a vehicle.
  • The gasoline engine used in hybrid vehicles is much efficient and smaller even though it is same as in conventional vehicles.
  • Gasoline engine also helps to power up the vehicle at the time of crushing speeds and also boost up the battery for later usage.
  • Electric motor used in hybrid also acts as a generator through which it can covert the energy generated by regenerative braking and from engine in to electricity and stores it in a battery and uses when additional energy is required.

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