Self Defense: Tips and Tools for Women

Self defense is defending the person with the help of physical force for protecting oneself or for the property or in other words protecting against the injuries made by the another person for property or person. Self-defense is essential for women. They need to be trained in self-defense to protect themselves from the problems and crimes that may happen.

Self-defense tips and devices for women:
As you are a women there may be several risks that may arise some or other time. So, it is necessary to take some precautions to safeguard yourself.

  • Use your brain. This is the best tip in self-defense, women should use their brains to avoid the risk.


  • Take the training of marital arts that will help you body and yourself to stay in a safe condition. Should also learn unarmed fighting techniques which are just designed for women. This type of training helps women in protecting themselves gently.


  • Have some alarms and whistles with you all the time. When you are in danger this will help you. You can use them when you are at risk so that people will come to know you.


  • Stun guns and tasers are effective tools to get rid of risk and to protect yourself. But using this is a legal issue. So, those who want to use such devices can consult an attorney to advise them whether to use it. This stun guns impose electrical shock on the person who is going to attack you or who attacked you.


  • Using guns is an effective self-defense technique. But usage of this also has some legal issues and it also requires proper training. So, one has to take training, or it may harm you both physically and legally.


  • Usage of pepper spray, aerosol spray are the easy ways to self-defense oneself especially for women. Having this won’t lead to issues. Any women who want to use it can purchase it because it just temporarily makes the attacker blind and sever cough and chocking will be there other than these there won’t be much problem. So, women can use this pepper spray as the effective self-defense technique.


  • For self-defense, women can also use other tools like knives, self-defense key chains like kubotan, etc.

These are the devices or tools meant for women’s self-defense. Apart from using these, women should also be aware of the surroundings, assess the risk that may happen i.e. using sixth-sens to predict what may happen, be prepared to face the risk with a proper predefined plan and use the devices finally to protect yourself from risk.

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