Why Is It Important To Consult a Lawyer While Purchasing a Property?

If you to purchase a property there will be several legal issues related to it so, you must take help of attorney to deal with the property purchase. In every step of the property proceedings attorneys will be involved to help their clients.

  • At first step, if the client chooses the property to buy then he/she must approach the lawyer and ask them to do a research on that and give you a feedback. So that the attorney will have a chance to identify the property and do a research on it, whether it is having any legal issues or any problem with the opponent client.

  • Later the attorney will prepare a complete report on it and tells the client about all the issues regarding the property that they are going to purchase. According to the law if there are any legal issues the attorney will intimate it to the client and make them aware of that. So, know the client will decide whether to purchase the property or not. If there is, no issue the client can directly purchase the property without any problem.

  • If the client is ready to purchase the property, the first thing they need to do is prepare an agreement with the seller of the property. For this, the paper agreement should be prepared. A professional lawyer who helped the client in researching the property will handle this. This agreement is made to show it as a proof if any problem arises later. Now, the agreement made by the lawyer should cover the following:
    • Cost which is agreed by both the parties i.e., the buyer and the seller of the property.
    • Time span of the actual sale of the place
    • Particulars of the land, etc.

  • Drafting the agreement is the major part and it must be prepared by a professional and good lawyer.

  • Next the title deed will be prepared by the lawyer and

  • Later the registration process starts. Here the attorney will prepare all the documents required for the registration process including all the details of the property and cost, sellers’ details and purchasers’ details etc.

  • Now both the parties signs the registration documents i.e., final agreement and lawyer will make the seller of the property to submit all the old documents related to the property and finally it will be owned by your client i.e., the purchaser.

This is how the property attorney helps their client in every step of purchase of a property and reduces their burden.

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