Digital Impression System for Making Teeth Impression

Technology has taken a step forward and emerged in dental field. The digital impression systems where used here too. In dental field digital impression, system is used for taking the impressions of the teeth. Traditional impression system is obsolete when compared to the digital impression system.

Digital Impression System:
This system is used to make the dental restorations like dental crowns, braces or bridges. This system makes use of digital imaging for taking the impressions. This system is wired to the dental device that contains a small camera, which is called as intraoral scanner. This is different from other digital cameras. This camera takes several scans or images of your teeth in all directions and the data it received complies for creating 3D model of the dental restoration.

Now the dentist need to scan those areas and create the images of dental restoration and then mailed it to the technician to mold the final product in the laboratory. This all happens in a very less period.

Comforts to the patient:

  • Through this digital impression system accurate impressions are took and the restorations are prepared. So that the crowns or restorations are perfectly emerged.
  • It requires shorter or lesser appointments to the dentist when compared to the traditional approach.
  • This reduces the work of the dentist, as they do not want to do any re-work on the digital generated crowns.
  • It makes the patient and the dentist comfort throughout the treatment.


  • It captures all the data correctly in the digital screen.
  • These are strong and you can have long-term benefits with these crowns.
  • There are no dis-infections with these impressions.

Drawbacks of digital impression system:

  • The main drawback with this system is they will create the permanent restorations so it is not possible to make dentures and partial dentures with this system are not possible.
  • Cost is another factor of this system.
  • It is not reached to more dental offices so it is necessary to get a global reach.
  • This is implant impression system has the limited uses.
  • The weight of the camera is an issue here rather than the size.

This digital impression system is an amazing technology device that helps the patients and the dentists to have many benefits over the traditional methods of treatment. Crowns or restorations made of this digital impression system are comfortable and strong for the people to use.

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