Reasons for Road Accidents

Road accidents have been one of the major reasons for people loosing their lives. Road accidents mainly occur due to ignorance of the driver and his incapability to judge situations properly and take prompt action. This leads to heavy losses of life and property. Though different safety measures are already in place to curb this menace, but it depends to a great extent on the driver to follow these measures. Creating awareness among people is an effective way to lessen these road accidents. As per the recent statistic report launched by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reveals that as much as 6,800 accidents took place in first quarter of 2014. Although this is around 4.9% less compared to previous years corresponding figure of 7,150 but still the number is a large one and there is a lot of scope to reduce it further more.

Things that lead to accidents
Though there are many things that can potentially lead to a road accident, there are few things which is under our control. Hence the driver must ensure these things to avert a road accident.

  • Not following traffic rules properly is the major cause for accidents. The driver must be vary of all the traffic rules before he/she starts driving. These rules must be followed and over speeding should be avoided to maximum extent possible.
  • People must avoid driving if they are drunk and do not posses required consciousness levels to drive a vehicle. He should also refrain himself driving if he feels tired, fatigued or drowsy.
  • Distractions while driving are few causes for accidents. Speaking on phone, eating and other activities during driving can prove fatal.
  • Drivers must be attentive and have a cool mind during driving. He should grasp situations appropriately and initiate apt actions after proper judgment.
  • Road rage is a one of the reason for accidents. People should have a cool mind during driving and be patient and considerate towards other drivers. They should control their anger and avoid getting provoked and provoking other drivers on road.
  • The driver must ensure that he wears a seat belt and other passengers also uses it. Seat belts limit body movement during an impact and saves life. Other safety measures in vehicles should be checked regularly and ensured that they are in proper conditions.
  • Inexperienced drivers should avoid busy roads for learning driving. Particularly teenagers should know shed show off attitude during driving and follow rules properly. They must know that it is not cool to play with their own life or put at risk others’ life.

Prevention is the best cure
Taking precautions before hand is the best way to curb road accidents than repenting afterward. For this, the drivers should be considerate enough and be aware of the road safety rules and practices. He must ensure that the same must be followed. If you are getting late, it is advisable that you leave early well before time to overcome any unprecedented traffic. Safe driving is good for personal safety and in regard to safety of other persons on road.

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