Why Diesel Fuel Good for the environment

Diesel is the primary fuel used for various transports across the world. It is oilier and heavier than gasoline fuel emitting certain amount of particulate matter and nitrogen compounds as it burns. Theses emissions make people presume it as bad to the environment but compared to gasoline it emits less amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

The European union is looking for changes which can be made to make diesel fuel more environmental friendly through reducing the emission of particulate matter.

Improvements in diesel engines: Following are few improvements made in diesel engines.

  • Passed three to four decades, scientists made diesel more friendly to the environment by enhancing the performance of the engine and making cleaner fuel.
  • Reduced emissions and better energy efficiency results by monitoring fuel combustion through installing direct injection devices which are controlled by computers.
  • Devices which include catalytic converters, continuously regenerating trap (CRT) particulate filters help in reduced emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and soot by 90% .
  • Environmentally pure forms such as ultra low sulfur diesel is another form researchers are developing for reduced emissions of diesel fuel.

Are diesels cleaner than gasoline engines: diesel engines are more significantly efficient around 30% than that of the gasoline engines. The main reason for this is that diesel is denser by volume in providing energy which is proportional to better fuel economy. Added up with more efficiency diesel cost more due to the following reasons:

  • Advanced technologies: Engines running on diesel employs advanced technologies to improve emissions and efficiency along with turbochargers and high pressure directed duel injection systems.
  • After treatment plan: Diesel engines require after treatment procedures for meeting tail pipe limits which are more expensive compared to that of gasoline engines.
    • Combustion : Combustion of diesel results in high pressures which require superior longevity.

Diesel vs gasoline

  • The environmental advantages of diesels are that they provide better mileage and requires less refining than that of gasoline fuel.
  • Energy costs required for refining gasoline from crude oil and the limitations present in the production of gasoline by refineries contributes to high need for gasoline.
  • Diesel fuel compensates the need for more gasoline which leads to reduced environmental damage through gas refining.

In current scenario people are opting more for diesel engine vehicles due to its high efficiency, better mileage than the gasoline engines with being as efficient as hybrid/ electric cars and the initiatives taken for reducing the harmful emissions making it a good option.

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