Security Measures for Inside and Outside of Your Company

Internal as well as external security plays an important role in the protection of a business. So, to help you out we have came up with an article that gives various security measures which helps in securing your business from both inside and outside. To know the measures read the below information.

Use strongly fixed windows and doors
As windows and doors are vulnerable parts of your premises, particularly the ones that are at the ground floor or at the back of the building, fit strong windows and doors with good quality locks, use laminated glass both for the windows and doors because they are much harder to break. Fixing grilles and shutters is also important. See to it that the door frames are strong and framed well. This is the first measure that you need to take.

Entry systems
For the entry systems use strong keys. The keys that you are using for your entry system shouldn’t be given to people who are working in your company. Better give it to only the trusted members of your company. Also check the keys regularly and make sure that none of the keys are missing or otherwise use the entry systems which are fob and number coded, because this kind of entry systems become difficult targets for the thieves. Though the fobs are lost, there will not be a much problem for you because they can be deleted from the system.

Use alarms and CCTV
Install an alarm system that is of high standard and which is less likely to be broken. If your business has clear visible alarms then there will be less chances of damage that can occur to your business. So, it is advisable to fix the alarms that are visible to the people.

CCTV’s surrounding your company and inside will help deter intruders and keeps your company safe. When you install CCTV see to it that it is registered. Using CCTV both inside and outside of the company will give you up-to-date information regarding what is happening in your company. The CCTV that you use in your company should provide good quality pictures.

Fencing, walls and gates
Along with the above measurements, fencing, walls and gates that are present in your company should be strong and should be helpful in keeping intruders away from the premises of your company.

These are the few security measures that you can take in your company to keep intruders away and safeguard your company and staff.

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