Challenges for Picking Free Webhosting

Free hosting is really a good option for the startups and small businesses that can’t afford on paid hosting. However, it is not good for all websites; because, there are some hidden constraints, behind the name ‘free’. The free hosting has a few disadvantages. If you want to know them, go through the following information.

Confusing terms and conditions
If you read the terms of services before opting for a free hosting, you can understand that they are not clear and stable. The service provider may change the terms of services anytime. They may also turn up the service any time. Also, some hidden information will exist that you can’t understand or you may neglect. This may make your website get into troubles.

Low bandwidth and loading speed
Though in features the free hosting providers may state that they offer limited bandwidth, but in actuality, it is not even limited – rather – it is very low and will take more than a minute for loading the web page of your website. This makes the users frustrating. Some providers may give some limited amount of bandwidth. But, the same may not be sufficient for those sites that exceeds the limit and has more traffic. So, the people who would like to improve their site’s revenue and popularity, shouldn’t go for free hosting. This alone could be enough to make the site dead.

This happens when the server is down, making your web pages that are hosted on the server, inaccessible.

Lack of support
There are some issues like downtime with the free hosting. However, if the webmasters are able to correct those problems in time, you will not get into troubles. But, more often in case of free hosting, you will not get a within time good customer support.

Some free hosting providers will try to push their own ads in your website, without your intention or by force. Sometimes these ads may be videos, pop-up’s that are not good or that make your webpage vulnerable. This may sometimes make your website lose its credibility; and makes it load slowly leading to some other negative consequences.

Doesn’t provide a main domain name
Not all hosting providers will provide you the main domain name along with hosting; and mostly not in free hosting. Though they give you the domain name, you will be given only the sub-domain name. So, if you want a main domain name, you may need to go for paid hosting.

No backup
Only, a few free hosting providers will give you the backup option. But, they are restricted by some limits. But, it is mandatory that your website needs backup, if it is going to be updated regularly; because, your site may be attacked at any time.

These are few common challenges that a website with free hosting faces. So, understand the criteria and check whether you really need it or not.

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