Dental Crown: Procedure & Computer imaging

Permanent teeth though mean to last for lifetime, no proper care allows to let them go. Brushing your teeth is one of the way where people can get rid of tooth decay followed up by regular visits to the dental doctor. Computer imaging for dental crowns allows one to have a look before undergoing treatment thus choosing appropriate option to have a metal crown, porcelain crown, resin crown.

What is a dental crown?
Tooth crowns are one of the effective solutions available in dental to restore a tooth’s size, shape and strength thus improving its appearance. Dental crowns can be recommended for:

  • To cover the discolored teeth or dental implants done.
  • For protecting the tooth from tooth decay
  • To restore a broken tooth
  • To hold the dental bridge in its place

Procedure for dental crowns

  • The first step in dental crown procedure involves taking an X-ray for examining the extent of the decay the tooth been.
  • If in case root canal is not necessary dentist will:
  • Take an impression of the surrounding teeth and the prepared tooth.
  • File up the chewing surface, surrounding teeth and the sides of the tooth.
  • Place a temporary crown for covering the prepared tooth while making the permanent dental crown.
  • In second visit dentist will remove the temporary crown placed and check for the color and fit of the permanent crown made and cement it properly in its place.

Computer imaging for dental crowns
Dental crowns are used commonly along with cosmetic dentistry techniques such as teeth whitening and veneers for smile makeover. The steps involved in computer imaging are :

  • Images of face, teeth and smile will b taken using digital camera.
  • Once you and your dentist decides on which type of crown suits you, your dentist needs to prepare the tooth and successively place the dental crown.
  • Images taken will be manipulated accordingly by putting them in a software and give options on the way you look after a dental crown placement.
  • A dental crown if placed not only restores the appearance of tooth but alters its functions too.
  • Computer imaging allows one to visualize how each dental crown material has its impact on your smile.

Dental crowns just don’t treat tooth decay and proper care have to be taken by brushing and having regular dental visits. By avoiding certain habits like grinding your teeth, chewing ice and opening packages with your teeth can help to prevent from tooth wearing. Computer Imaging can be used as a guide before going for dental treatment.

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