Are you Aware that You Can Catch Fish Using Glow Sticks?

Most of us are quite familiar about different uses of glow sticks like, for recreation purposes, for decoration and for some tactical and non tactical rescue operations in military grounds. Glow sticks are plastic tubes which emit light when bent and shaken. Because of their heat resistant, water proofing, light weight properties they can be used under any conditions. Since they are non flammable they can survive even in extreme hot conditions. Besides all these they are helping in fishing industry also.

Fishers are aware of the thing that some kinds of fishes emit light to attract their mate. Mostly some fishes like swordfish, tuna, bass, salmon, walleye and pan fish do have these properties of emitting light to attract their mate. So, they used the same technique to attract them towards the fishing rods and to catch them. They found it interesting and successful hence they are using the same technique since so many years.

These glow sticks are attached to the bait or often line up to the commercial fishing nets to lure fish in to the net. They are connected either by clip or by with a plastic sleeve which comes along with the glow stick. Apart from attracting the fish, the fishing rods which are attached with the glow sticks are helpful in providing some light source during night time. These glow sticks can attract fishes even from longer distances.

Ice fisher man generally use green colored glow sticks to attract fishes to their baits. Glow sticks used by these fisherman are typically between 1-2 inches. That glow stick is attached to lure and they use glow sticks when the water they are fishing is stained or murky.

So, next time if you are going to fishing, get your fishing rod ready with a glow stick, so that you can catch the fish quickly and more easily.

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