Android Instant Apps to Draw More Customers

Life will be so much easier if you do not need to download the native apps and you can access them with just only a simple tap. Instant app makes this idea possible. It even solves the age long fight between native apps and mobile websites. Android instant apps try to combine the best feature of the mobile web and mobile app to deliver better mobile experience.

What Are Android Instant Apps?
In simple words it is the simple version of the Android native apps. You can run these apps without installing them on your device or downloading them from the Play Store. Just click on a link and that can easily take you to the desired native app functionalities. Users will be able to access them from Google search results page. They are available in the form of sharable links or URLs. Some of the benefits of this instant app are as follow:

Do Not Require Installation
This is the best feature of Android instant apps. It uses the same source code as the native apps, but the users can access them with a click on the URL similar to a webpage. They are just like the subsections of your existing app that can be accessed on demand.

Getting More Customers
ad hostingThe customers do not have to search for the app in the Play Store and download the same in their device, but they get the same immersive experience of your native app clicking on a search link. Whatever page in your app they are trying to reach; Google can download that and serve to the users. Therefore, it is quick and easy. That attracts good many customers who are otherwise reluctant to search an app in the Store and download it.

How Business can Benefit From This Instant App?
Apart, from the very established business like Amazon or Uber mobile apps take space in the users’ smartphone. Even if the app is downloaded, it is used once in a while. This is where Android instant apps come in. Suppose you are driving to a far off destination and you need a parking for the night. To locate a parking the last thing you will do is to download an app through which you can pay and book a space.

With the instant apps, you just need to tap for the desired information. It will be much easier to attract users to your app by helping them when they actually need.

E-commerce businesses often face such situations where people want to buy products from them, but the mobile web experience and the pop up are so annoying that they end up closing the web page. Instant apps can be a saver in such situation. It provides all the necessary information of the products that the customer is looking for and ensures that they have a hassle-free check out.

Since Android instant apps are simple and easy to use, there is no doubt that it will attract users. You can take advantage with this easy-to-use option. If the users find this version helpful, they will be interested to download your native app.

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