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Impact Of Drug Abuse On Employer

As per the employer’s health plan the cost involved in substance abuse treatment might be less, but the drug and alcohol problems cost the United States approximately $276 billion per year. Most of these expenses are produced due to lost work productivity related to substance abuse (including absenteeism and poor job performance) and health care […]

Smoking Impacts Women More Than Men

Smoking is injurious to health whether it may be women or men. Health is important for very one. Heart diseases are common for those who smoke. Women usually get heart disease much later than but not in case if they smoke. In a recent study, it was revealed that smoking causes more damage for women […]

Safety warnings turn adverse for prescription drug growth

People have now become very smart. (I don’t mean they weren’t smart before; they grew smarter). They have increased starting looking for safety before using some drugs prescribed a doctor, blindly, as they used to do it before. When you are prescribed a drug, it is likely that many of us will look out or […]

How Effective Is Work Place Drug Testing?

Though employee drug testing has many benefits, the program has always been controversial between employers and employees. One of the more controversial employment practices is the testing of job applicants and employees. It might be the privacy issues or accuracy issues, but employee drug testing isn’t liked by many people, especially the employees. And this […]

Accuracy of the Drug Test

There are different kinds of drug tests are their, to detect the drug abuse of the people. How many different types are used? What is the accuracy for the different types? The detailed information is discussed below. There are several different types of tests given to detect drug use. If current drug use is suspected, […]

How people get addicted to smoking?

In general people get addicted to bad habits easily than to the good ones. This is human psychology. Smoking is a serious issue in terms of addiction. People don’t take smoking addiction as serious as drug addiction because they don’t feel that it will create some serious impacts on health like other drugs does. In […]