Impact Of Drug Abuse On Employer

As per the employer’s health plan the cost involved in substance abuse treatment might be less, but the drug and alcohol problems cost the United States approximately $276 billion per year. Most of these expenses are produced due to lost work productivity related to substance abuse (including absenteeism and poor job performance) and health care costs associated with substance abuse.

Studies revealed that substance-abusing or drug-abusing employees work for about two thirds of their capability and they are three times more likely to be late for work. Moreover, employees who have family members abused to substances or drugs have lower productivity compares to other employees. Employees who are abused to drugs are twice as likely to request early permission to leave or time off and are also two and a half times more likely to have more absences.

Substance abuse employee can be responsible for many disability claims at work place and are also associated with family and workplace violence. Employees who abuse drugs are three and a half times more prone to be involved in a workplace accident than other workers. Moreover, employees who are abused to drugs are five times more likely to register a workers’ compensation claim than those who do not use drugs. So, all these effects are factors have a huge impact on employer’s turnover.

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