Ideal Conditions For Wine Storage

Appropriate temperature, lighting conditions, humidity control, and movement all play a crucial role in proper wine storage. Storage units should simplify these problems and keep wine safe.

Proper temperature for wine storage
Wine storage can be done safely when temperatures are hardly above 70 degrees Fahrenheit of freezing. Wine matures at a constant rate at higher temperatures. Between 45 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 60%-70% is an optimum range in which wine can be stored. There should be constant wine storage temperature because repeated changes in wine storage temperature can damage wine.

Humidity levels should be maintained properly to keep moisture inside the bottle, preventing evaporation through the cork and preventing micro-organisms that grow resulting in aging of wine prematurely which sometimes even damages wine.

Lighting conditions and bottle size play a factor
For proper wine storage, one should not rely completely on colored bottles but also rely on lighting conditions and size of bottle conditions to keep wine safe. Wine should be always stored in dark conditions and should be stored be in a bottle that has certain amount of space.

Limit movement with proper horizontal wine storage units
If the sediment of wine is settled, then wine is ready for consumption. Horizontal wine storage keeps wine in contact with the cork which makes water to evaporate through the cork and deviates from ideal condition.

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