Aim Behind Doing Yoga

The main aim of yoga is to attain self realization and to break down the barriers that separates one’s individual self from the universal world. The aim or objective of yoga can be attained only once you get control over the physical, mental and spiritual senses. To attain this, one needs to follow the principles of yoga. For now let us discuss on how to attain control over the senses step by step.

Preliminary Aim: The preliminary or the basic objective of Yoga is the physical interpretation. It is to improve the physical health. It can be attained by following certain physical activities which in turn lay foundation for the mental growth. The practice of yogic exercises helps in over coming the limitations of the body. Yoga postures can cure physical ailments, strengthens the bones and muscles and increases energy. The physical fitness shows a strengthening and calming effect on the brain.

Intermediate objective: The next stage after physical perfection is the intermediate stage which involves psychological well being. In this stage, the main aim of Yoga is to harmonize and integrate one’s thoughts, actions, emotions, desires, aims, motives, etc. This process is helpful in discovering the hidden potentials of the brain and the intellect. It frees us from confusion and distress. Once you got total control over your brain and body then you can move to the final state of self realization.

Final Aim: The final goal of yoga is spiritual interpretation. This is called the stage of purification where one knows himself by indwelling his soul. This is also called as self realization. Every person becomes complete only after knowing himself. It doesn’t matter whether he is physically fit or mentally strong, his completeness is achieved only by attaining self realization. It is only through this process that one becomes perfect. In other words one has to completely know his inner self and try to merge in the universal self, while the soul is still in the body.

This kind of transformation from the initial stages of physical interpretation to the final stages of spiritual interpretation is only attained by practicing Yoga and nothing else. Once the final stage is attained one can see the divinity in himself and others as well, which leads to a positive way of living all over the world.

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