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Enjoy Various Tricks with Rave Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are one of the means of giving fun and enjoyment at rave parties, night clubs and other outdoor activities in dark. All of us are interested to enjoy with friends in a rave party. It is much more exciting and delighting to use glow sticks in rave parties. Dancing in dark is the […]

Enjoying Fun Games with Glow Bracelets

It is obvious that we play games for fun and enjoyment. However, they can be made more exciting by glow sticks. Glow stick gives a glow due to chemical reaction of two chemical substances. It not only provides light but also fun for games that are played in dark. Glow sticks are available in different […]

Different Things that can be Made with Glow Sticks

You might have seen different colored stick like products used mostly at parties and other recreational events. These are nothing but glow sticks. A glow stick is a translucent tube that contains isolated chemical substances that give a glow when combined. Chemiluminescence, the process of producing light as a result of chemical reaction, is the […]

What are the Occasions to use Glow Sticks?

Glow products can be used for various occasions, as they make any occasion more enjoyable. Glow sticks are the most commonly used glow products. They are used primarily for recreational purposes. A glow stick is a plastic tube containing isolated chemical substances which when combined give light due to a chemical reaction. One can plan […]

Know About Different Ideas of Glow Sticks for Your Next Event

You can make use of glow stick ideas in many parties. You can emphasize your next party through the glow sticks. Your party will become very popular by using number of glow sticks. They are a wonderful decorative items for night parties or events. Event can be anything and it can be adults, bachelor, casino […]

How to Make a Glow Stick

Glow stick is a plastic cylinder. They have length of four or five inches and it has diameter less than an inch. They are available in many shapes and designs. They are made with more flexible plastic. Adults and children adorn their necks with glow sticks at sporting events or other events. They are also […]