Enjoy Various Tricks with Rave Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are one of the means of giving fun and enjoyment at rave parties, night clubs and other outdoor activities in dark. All of us are interested to enjoy with friends in a rave party. It is much more exciting and delighting to use glow sticks in rave parties. Dancing in dark is the main theme of rave parties. Here are some tricks that you can do with glow sticks adding more fun at such parties.

Performance of tricks with glow sticks can be categorized as stringed and unstrung. In an unstrung form, you dance by holding one or more glow sticks in your free hand. Different freehand techniques give proper look of continuity with glow sticks. Tracing any part of the body with a glow stick to give an outline is one of the techniques in unstrung form. You can even juggle the glow sticks with your feet and other body parts by some techniques like kicking and tapping. Throwing glow sticks with free hand also gives a great appeal. Throwing your glow stick in a horizontal spin can be called a helicopter throw.

You can even dance with glow sticks attached to strings. One or more glow sticks are connected through a string or a rope. Spinning the stringed glow stick in different directions is the most basic thing that is performed by a professional performer. You can also learn to dance by moving stringed glow sticks by holding them in one hand. You can also swing them by holding in two hands. However, it needs some practice. Making circles in the form of figure 8 is the most basic move in glowsticking after the circle. Many more advanced tricks are performed by those who are professional and experienced in glowsticking (dancing with glow sticks).

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