Graphene: the wonderful material

When you look at its lattice deeply through some lattice viewing method, you will look at a honey comb shaped crystal lattice, standing there with equal dimensions and spacing.

This is called Graphene, the material made of carbon atoms and their bonds. Graphene is a wonder material for the scientists working on nano technology. The specialty of Graphene is that it is the thinnest possible material in this world.

If you could pile up around 25,000 sheets of Graphene, one over the other, they make up to just the thickness of an ordinary white paper. Isn’t it wonderful?

But don’t underestimate this material with its thickness. The Graphene is also the strongest known substance of the earth. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel.

Such wonderful Graphene is not made of some precious metal like radium. It is made of carbon which we have abundant on our planet. Since we have such a wonderful material, let’s start on using it for good purpose.

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