Future generation will be affected due to deforestations

From the small creatures to human beings, every one on this planet is affected by ecological imbalance. Deforestation has damaged the brittle balance and can become life miserable for many species in future. The present situation can become worst for the future generations because of increase in pollution and due to effects of deforestation.

Further study should be conducted on deforestation to know about the dangerous effects on humankind and for our future generations. It is not easy to overcome planet dilapidation and the effects this for sure, if the effects of deforestation have not overcome in near future and it is impossible for humankind to overcome this.

Greenhouse gases, soil erosions, limitless floods and a lot more are few problems which are to be faced because of the deforestation. Before it becomes late, we should try to stop the deforestation and let the nature to live freely. It is better to leave the nature to live peacefully and as unharmed as it was earlier.

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