Google Gives Access to Offline Emails

After innovating many services in the web, Google is set to bring its innovation, which doesn’t include web.

Google has announced its new offline Gmail service. Using this service, people can access to their gmail account even on offline. This new feature is yet to add up to the gmail accounts and once it is done, people can get access to this offline gmail service.

Gmail labs developed a set of programming tools named Gears. This tool facilitates web developers to create off line versions of web-based applications. This very tool is to be used in the new Gmail offline version.

When gmail user accesses to his account his hard drive is synchronized with Gmail servers. Thus, the Gmail’s usual tools become functional offline. When the connection is lost, Gmail automatically switches to offline mode. Here you can perform all the other functions except sending or receiving mails.

For example, you can compose a mail but it isn’t delivered. Instead, it is stored in your outbox. Once the connection is reestablished, your composed mail will be delivered.

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