Latest job layoffs in major companies

The layoffs have not come down in spite of desperate efforts from the Government. There are still major companies who have announced mass layoffs in their firms, recently. Let’s have a look at their news.

The first layoff news is from the search engine giant Google. It declared that it is going to close down its three engineering offices and layoff 100 employees. The major thing here is that all the 100 employees are the recruiters of Google. According to a blog from the Vice President – Laszlo Bock of Google, the economy downturn is forcing them to have fewer people to focus on recruiting.

WellPoint is the largest Health Insuring Company of US and has announced that it is going to cut jobs of 1,500 employees in order to reduce costs to cope up with the recession. All these are entry level and junior positions and senior staff are safe for now.

Honda is the Japan’s No.2 automaker. I don’t know much about its position in US. But it is going to cut 3,100 jobs of all the temporary workers in their company. The good news here is that the layoffs will be in Japan only.

Similarly, Autodesk which saw losses in the 4th quarter of 2008 decided to layoff 750 people from its office.

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