What Leonardo Wanted To Say Through Vitruvian Man?

I find it strange when women look strangely at the euro dollar. Actually it is not the Euro that hering them, but it is the figure of a man that is encrypted on it.

It is the image of Virtuvian man, which had been drawn by the all time famous genius Leonardo Davinci. Actually there is nothing weird in that figure, at least not so much to embrace somebody.

And if you still feel it weird, you have to probably know on what it depicts. This image was actually created around the year 1487 and was shown to the world with a small set of notes by the creator of the image itself to say what it is.

Leonardo thought that there is a correlation between the working of the universe and the working of the human body; and thus to depict it he drew a man with four hands and four legs spread straightly in a circle and a square.

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