The Classification of Legal and Illegal Drugs

Drugs changes the behavior of the human being. It changes the body conditions and the functioning of the brain. These also have potential to improve human health. A prescription medicine improves the health and cures the diseases. There is no difference between the prescription (legal) and recreational (illegal) drugs. It is the amount of the dosage that makes actual difference; because drugs used for recreational purposes are also used for medicinal uses.

Depending on the dosage they are classified into two types. They are: legal and the illegal. Legal dugs doesn’t mean that they are safe to use. A legal drug means which are not banned by the government. Some of them are to be used only through prescription of the physician for curing any ailment. But some of them like alcohol, nicotine which are not banned by the government and drugs that are not suggested by the physician are not safe for the health.

Illegal drugs are not prescribed by the physicians. The drugs which are being abused are called as the illegal drugs. Illegal drugs like depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, anesthetics, narcotics, steroids, Inhalants are being abused for recreational and for rapid increase of fitness. Each and every illegal drug has it own disadvantages which spoil the health, finally end up with loss of life. Most of the illegal drugs makes the person drowsy and calm, reduces tension for the short term cases and even increases the blood pressure.

The addiction to the illegal drugs makes the person weak in both the cases of physical and psychological ways. In some cases some of the legal drugs also result in the same situation.

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