Different Types of Mobile Marketing

Ad servers for publishersMobile marketing is done using the mobile media. Out of the total marketing used, only a small portion of the marketing is done via mobile phones, it has been greatly expanded. This mobile marketing usage is improving along with the time.

Let us see some of the types of mobile marketing used.

  • SMS mobile marketing: The first and the foremost mobile marketing is SMS marketing. This is one of the main forms of mobile marketing. This is often termed as texting. Here a message consisting of 160 words can be sent to the customer.
  • MMS mobile marketing: The service which is used in mobile marketing is the multimedia message service. Here along with the text messages, different objects like images, video and audio can also be sent via MMS.
  • Mobile Web applications: Using the web pages which are accessed by using the mobile devices the marketing can be done. The reporting done will be according to the standards of the mobile marketing association.
  • Blue tooth: Using bluetooth as the media, marketing can be done. The customers who are about a maximum distance of 33 feet from the marketing can also be reached by with the help of blue tooth.
  • Location based marketing: This is done using the GPS technology. Depending on the location the messages are sent.
  • QR codes: Here a two dimensional barcode is used for marketing to be done effectively. This is abbreviated as the Quick Response Codes marketing

Thus these are some of the types of mobile marketing which are used by the marketers for marketing the products. Because of the benefits like affordability, immediate response etc., this mobile marketing is used extensively.

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