Know About Private Investigation Equipment used by a Detective

A person who is hired for undertaking investigatory law services is said to be a private investigator. Criminal cases are handed over by a surveillance investigator. Specific private investigation equipment is used by a detective in the process of investigation. It is also an important component of detective arts. The investigation industry makes use of many general and specific investigation equipment.

Specific equipment is used for gathering evidence on persons alleged with disability claims or false insurance. Mobile surveillance tools including a video camera, binoculars, notepads and pencils are to be used by a surveillance investigator. Latest technology is used by many for gathering information. However, licensed professionals can use some devices under regulations of government laws.

Some of the private investigation equipment used by a detective are listed here.

  • Telephone Recorders
  • Private Investigation Books
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Binoculars
  • Security and Surveillance Cameras
  • Listening Devices


Apart from these many other devices can also be used during investigation. Shotgun microphones and parabolic microphone systems can be used for transmitting or recording conversations from longer distances. Digital telephone recorders are used to record and save digital conversations. Sometimes vehicle-tracking equipment can also be used for tracking places where a vehicle is going. Low light cameras, hands-free goggles, binoculars and monoculars come under night-vision equipment. They are functional at night or low-light conditions. These are most useful for surveillance investigators.

Hidden safes are used by a detective to store important documents such as insurance policies, loan documents, passports, birth and marriage certificates and others. Fire-resistant lock boxes are used for hidden safes.

Private investigation equipment is inexpensive and provided by many retailers. However, most of the purchases of private investigation equipment are done online. High quality and versatile equipment have to be used by a detective.

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