Know About Symbol of Olympic Games

Olympic sports consist almost all types of games. These sports are conducted in summer and winter Olympic games for every four years. There is a symbol for these Olympic games. Number of athletes participate in different competitions.

There are five inter related rings of equal dimensions in symbol of Olympic. There are five different colors for each ring. There are different colors from left to right such as blue, yellow, black, green and red. Rings are interrelated from left to right, there are blue, black and red rings at the top and yellow and green rings are at bottom in the symbol of the Olympic. These five rings represent the five continents such as America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe. Every nation has at least one color of the ring as a part of the national flag. Symbol of the Olympic represents the activity of the Olympic movement by which union of the five continents and meeting of the athletes around the world at the Olympic Games is represented.

The symbol of the Olympic is recognized throughout the world and it is used by companies which sponsor the Olympic sports. A high amount of price is paid by many companies to the International Olympic Games to use the logo or symbol on their products during an Olympic year. Symbol of the Olympic is recognizable logo through out the world.

The above information is about symbol or logo of the Olympic games. This is the symbol of unity of the continents in the world. There are variety of games conducted in Olympic games, number of athletes participate in this sports throughout the world.

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