Information on Saliva Drug Testing

Drug abuse is detected by saliva-drug test. Amphetamines, cocaine, metabolites, morphine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, steroids, and other drugs are detected by this drug test. Collection of saliva is involved in saliva-drug test to know the presence of the drug metabolites in blood.

Procedure: One can perform this test by using an equipment. It is just like a toothbrush, but it has pad instead of bristles. To get the saliva from mouth, one can rub this collection swab inside the mouth or it can be placed between the gums and the inner cheek tissue for few minutes. One should not take any thing orally before collecting the sample of saliva in this test, as it affects the test results. Instant results are given by this test. There is a requirement to send the sample of saliva to lab in some testing kits to test the sample with lab technicians for evaluation.

Advantages: This test has many advantages than other drug tests. It is to collect the specimen in this test. It provides instant, accurate results. It is less expensive than other drug test methods. There is no need of professionals. One can conduct this test at home also by using few instruments.

Types of test: There are two types of testing such as field testing and lab testing in this test. Few instruments can be used in field testing, read out results can be showed by testing devices. The systems are used to determine the single drug use and multiple drug use in lab testing.

The above information is about saliva-drug test. Now-a-days, many people are using this test. Especially, this test is used on employees, drivers, drug users who are suspected.

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