Know About the Different Types of Employment Drug Testing

Employment drug test is conducted at workplace in order to detect the alcohol and drug abusing employees. If employees get positive result in the test, then they are eliminated from the company.

Employment drug test ensures a drug free and healthy environment in workplaces. Because of drug absuse employees can not concentrate on work, they may disturb the work of other co-workers also, which may lead to reduction in productivity. Employee drug abuse may also result in accidents, higher medication and insurance premium costs, absenteeism and unethical work culture. Companies suffer from loss of large amount of money by recruiting the drug using employees.

So it is very important to conduct employee drug testing at workplace to reduce these issues. It is also important that they appoint the best qualified drug free individuals.

Pre-employment drug testing: Organizations generally conduct the pre-employment drug testing to choose drug free employees. It is also known as applicant drug testing. They can be conducted for the applicants, before hiring them into organization.

Random testing: This random drug testing is generally conducted on the current employees of the organization. It can be conducted at any time by choosing one or two employees randomly to take the test.

Post-accident testing: If any employee meets any accident, this test is conducted to know whether drug abuse is the cause of the accident. If the accident resulted due to the drug influence, such employee will be eliminated from the company.

Scheduled testing: Generally, drug tests are conducted in some organizations periodically.

These are the types of the employee drug testing, which helps employers to detect the drug abusing employees and to maintain a drug free workplace.

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