Know About Benefits of Using Dental CT Scan in Dental Implants

A type of X-ray which produces images of internal physical structures of teeth in cross section is called a dental CT (Computerized Tomography) scan. The images produced by dental CT scan are more superior to those produced by conventional X-ray exams.

A rotating X-ray unit which takes hundreds of X-rays is present in the dental CT scan. It produces a complicated image. The data from it is combined by a computer for creating a three dimensional image. The image can be freely rotated on the computer. Conventional X-ray can produce only single or two-dimensional images. But a dental CT scan produces a 3D image.

As a 3D image is produced by a dental CT scan, the image is clearer. The location of a nerve or bone thickness at the selected position of the image can be easily determined by the dentist. This in turn helps in determining the size, type, and diameter of implant that has to be used for maximizing the implant to bone contact. The resolution of dental CT scan is very high. So determination and decision of a dental surgery requirement can be done easily.

3D imaging and low radiation are the most important benefits of using dental CT scans. No problem is faced by patients by this method of scanning. It does not cause any pain or discomfort and the process of scanning is finished in much less time compared to conventional X-ray tests. Special imaging software is used to get clear and appropriate orientation of images. As the normal dental X-rays are two-dimensional, the location of teeth and the height of bone are only shown. The thickness of the bone cannot be depicted by them which can be shown by 3D dental CT scan. Dental CT scans make use of high radiation when compared to other dental X-rays. With rise in technology and its benefits, the use of dental CT scans is increasing worldwide.

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