Best Vitamins for Women and Recommended Daily Intake

Every women should receive adequate amount of vitamins and a good way to get the essential vitamins is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Many women in every age group face lack of vitamins. It is important to know which vitamins are beneficial based on each stage of life.

Some antioxidant vitamins include A, C and E. They play a vital role in body’s cell protection for women. The recommended daily allowance(RDA) of vitamin A for women is 700mcg. Vitamin C helps in healing of wounds and also aids in the formation of red blood cells. Studies have shown that the level of this vitamin decreases during ageing process or when the body is under stress. The recommended daily intake is 75mg.

Vitamin E helps in maintaining cell membranes and formation of red blood cells. Vitamin E intake for women daily is 15mg. Vitamin D keeps the bones strong by activating calcium and phosphorus. If there is insufficient vitamin D in the body it may damage and thin the bones which leads to osteoporosis. Vitamin D necessary for every women is 5mcg.

The B complex vitamins are essential to perform some important functions such as metabolism, cell division, protein synthesis, development of central nervous system, formation of red blood cells to prevent anemia. Women who are pregnant should take sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to prevent the risk of birth defects. The required dosage of Vitamin B1, B2 for women is 1.1mg. Vitamin B3(Niacin) daily intake is 14mg. Vitamin B6 is 1.3mg. Vitamin B12 intake is 2.4mcg.

Some vitamins have side effects. An adequate amount of vitamins are necessary for every women to prevent the occurrence of side effects. The vitamins should not be taken in over doses unless recommended by your doctor.

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