Know About Serviced Apartment

The concept of the serviced apartment was started in the United States and the global serviced apartment market is greatly influenced by the America. A service apartment is an apartment which is already furnished and provides amenities for daily use. The serviced apartments can be used for the short term and long term purposes and generally used by the business travelers. There are different types of serviced apartments and they are given below:

Apart hotel:
This type of apartment offers 24 hour reception and and gives the guest a home away from home feeling in a hotel like environment. They offer separate living area, kitchen, bathrooms and bed rooms. Generally these are located in the city centers. They have duplex, studio apartments, two or three bedroom apartments.

Corporate Housing:
These are located in the city outskirts with easy access to the business centers and these are used for the short term rentals, provide services such as cleaning, utility charges, local taxes, telephone and television, etc.

Benefits of the serviced apartments:

  • The serviced apartments are less expensive than the hotel rooms of the same type.
  • The customers can cook their own food in the kitchens provided and save the costs associated with the cooking which is not provided in the hotels.
  • The other benefit of these serviced apartments is, they have space to both work and play, have more privacy and more comfort.
  • They are very convenient when traveling with a family.
  • The serviced apartments are equipped with gourmet kitchens, generous closet space, full-sized washer and dryer, ceramic tiled bathrooms, oversized tubs.

Serviced apartments have benefits of their own which make them most preferable option.

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