Types of Safety Glass Used for Conservatories

Conservatories constructed in your home and garden adds their value. Hardwood, uPVC, and aluminum conservatories are the types of conservatories based on the type of material used. However, all of them can make use of glass for providing a special look to your conservatory. A safety glass is preferred for conservatory usage. There are different types of safety glass in the market that are especially used for conservatories. They include laminated, annealed, toughened, and self-cleaning glass.

Laminated Glass:
Laminated glass is the glass which is combined with other materials such as PolyVinyl Butyral(PVB). It consists of two sheets of glass that is bonded on either side of a plastic sheet. A laminated glass is thicker and hence provides best insulation for sound as well as cold.

Annealed Glass:
Annealed glass involves the process of slow cooling glass for relieving the internal stresses after its formation. It is mostly used for smaller panes of conservatories.

Toughened Glass:
This is the glass that is processed by controlled thermal and chemical treatments. This is done in order to increase the strength of the glass. An ordinary float glass is heated to obtain a toughened glass that is mostly used for conservatories.

Self-cleaning Glass:
It consists of a thin photocatalytic coating that is applied on the surface. Organic dirt deposited on the glass is broken down by the coating with the help of ultraviolet rays from the sun. This effect is termed as photocatalysis. A self-cleaning glass having hydrophilic properties is essential for conservatories. Such glass can remove dirt and wash away the grime loosened by the photocatalytic process.

You can choose any of these different types of glasses for different designs of conservatories.

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    This is nice information about different glasses used in conservatories. I have Toughened Glass in my conservatory home. It is good and strong too and also prevent in heavy snow.

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