Different Roofing Styles of a Garden Shed

miniature treesA garden shed is necessary for one who needs to store the tools used in gardening and landscaping. However, people these days are also installing the sheds for certain non-traditional uses such as playhouses, leisure rooms, and so on. Garden sheds are made of different materials like wood, plastic and metal. They can be built in various shapes and styles. Here are some roofing styles for building garden sheds.

Gable Roof Garden sheds of this roof style have two equal sloped sides. These sides rise to a peak forming a triangular shape. The most beneficial part of this roof is that rain water can be drained off easily. The chances of water penetrating into the shed is very less. The roof provides much internal space for storage.

Flat Roof It is the most easiest one to install because of its flat nature. However, using specific good quality materials can prevent the risk of water penetration.fairy garden accessories

Hipped Roof It is another variation of a gable style. This roof has four angled sides among which two are small and two are large. All of them meet at the peak of the two large sides. The shape of this roof resembles a pyramid. It is best suitable for buildings where there is no need for additional storage space.

Lean-To Roof This is a simple roof design. It is visualized as a single, sloping plane or one side of a gable. Sheds of these style are generally near to the buildings, garden walls, or fences.

Fairy GardenSaltbox It is similar to the gable roof style but has one longer flat side and a shorter steep side. It is much beneficial as it allows to drain off water freely and also provides extra height space on one side. A garden shed of this roof style has to be built up against another building or a wall. However, the structure of the building may look unbalanced.

Apart from these, gambrel and pent roofs are the roof styles which can be used for building a garden shed. You can choose any of them that best suits your needs.

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