Registering a Domain Name and Web Hosting

It is important to know that registering a domain name, owning space on web and web hosting are all different things. A person is likely to be confused believing that all of them mean the same, and often they are deprived of the benefit of acquiring the best service at reasonable prices due to lack of knowledge.

Domain registration involves getting a domain registered with a domain registrar. By getting registered, the domain gets an IP addresses, by which the it can be memorized easily and can be located.

The domain name has to be registered with competent authorities and the website has to be hosted online with the help of a web hosting service. Web hosting firms also offer domain registration services, but each of them can be done from different providers based on economy and approach.

Simply put, owning a domain and hosting it online are two different things, and it is a common myth that they are same.

Registering a domain name
Registering a domain name is concerned with picking up a suitable domain name for your server and registering it with an ISP after checking for the availability and feasibility. Then, the person needs to have a static IP address. The static IP address is the address which a person needs to reach if he/she wants to access your content on the Internet. But before that one needs to have a server and necessary web space to host the domain and website.

This process is very simple and is a time bound service. It has nothing to do with the content or services associated with that domain.

Web hosting
After a domain is registered and necessary space is either leased or purchased, the web hosting comes into picture and so does the services of web hosting firm. They are responsible for hosting the websites online on the Internet from where different users can have access to the information one shares. This is a complex process and needs designing of web pages and storing the data on the servers ready for retrieval in case called for. Features such as bandwidth, uptime, data security, autonomy over the server and speed of access are determined at this level and are mainly affected by the choice of servers.

Involvement of web hosting firms
Registering with the help of web hosting firm should be a well evaluated step and the service should only be availed after comparing them with individual service for cost and quality. You register the domain name much cost effectively and credibly without the involvement of a web hosting firm. The track record of the host in this matter can be of good value when deciding whether to go to the for the web host for domain registration.

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