Know About Types of Air Conditioners

The application of a air conditioning system depends upon factors like area to be cooled, the total heat generated inside the enclosed area, etc. There are variety of sizes and types of AC’s available for cooling rooms of different sizes.

There are mainly five types of air conditioner, they are

(1)Portable Air conditioner:
The portable air conditioner is easily movable from one room to another. It is often referred to as a mobile air conditioner. It is best suited for smaller rooms and for those people who move their houses very frequently. It has separate indoor section and outdoor section.

(2)Wall mounted:
It is suitable for room size, which may vary from 38 meter square- 93 meter square and they are permanently mounted to the wall. The major advantage of a wall mounted AC is that it can be easily repaired and replaced.

(3)Central air conditioning system:
It is useful in a situation where a place needs to be air conditioned fully as tons of air conditioning can be produced. This type of air conditioner is specifically meant for offices, buildings, hotels, gym, cinema hall, factory, etc and it is more beneficial than the normal AC. It is generally referred as air con and as central air in USA and UK.

(4)Window mounted:
It is mostly used for cooling a single room and is cheaper. It is very easy to install. These are temporary air conditioners that are usually fixed through the windows and is best suited for the room size ranging from 10 meter square – 84 meter square.

(5)Split Air conditioner:
This type of air conditioner is best suited for rooms whose area is up to 60 meter. It doesn’t make any noise. It generally has two parts, the indoor unit which is also called as the evaporator unit and the outdoor unit which is known as the external condenser box which is installed outside the room or the building.

The above are the five types of air conditioners, from which a customer can make a convenient choice according to his requirements.

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