Laser Teeth Whitening for a Perfect Smile

Application of laser technology for various purposes in different fields is found to be beneficial. These days lasers are also used in dentistry for treating certain dental problems. Various procedures such as teeth whitening, cavity detection, gum alterations, tissue regeneration, removing tooth decay, and many others are included in laser dentistry. Let us have a look on laser teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening provides you a perfect smile. It whitens the teeth within no time. The personal confidence of an individual can be enhanced by laser teeth whitening. Tooth discoloration is caused by using coffee, tea, nicotine, and many other substances over years.

In the process of laser teeth whitening, the gums are protected by placing a rubber dam in the patient’s mouth. A bleaching gel with a neutral pH is then applied to the teeth. They are then exposed to the laser which activates the bleaching components. The laser allows the whitening gel to penetrate into the lower levels of the teeth. The procedure of laser teeth whitening can provide you quick results. The process is also simple and fast and it takes just one hour.

Some people are sensitive to use teeth whitening trays, tooth whitening toothpastes and other products. Laser teeth whitening is beneficial for such people. No pain is associated with the process. The other benefit of laser teeth whitening is that, it does not require any hardware that are essential for other teeth whitening products. Though expensive, it is the best method preferred by dentists as it is much faster. So, laser teeth whitening can help one to get a perfect smile and a new level of self-confidence.

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