Know About Software Security Assurance

Software security assurance is a process that helps in designing and implementing software and also helps in protecting the data and resources contained and controlled by the software. First step in the software security assurance is identifying and categorizing the information that is to be contained in, or used by the software. Based on the sensitivity, the information is categorized. After categorizing the information, the security can be developed. These security requirements should solve the problems regarding the access control, environmental control, human resource security, audit trails and usage records.

The security problems occur in the software because of security bugs with in the software. These defects are caused because of two reasons, one is failure to satisfy requirements and the other is an error in the software retirements. There are two types of software security assurance activities, first one ensures information processed by an information system is assigned a proper sensitivity category and the other focuses on ensuring the control and protection of the software and software support tools, data. There are many tools used in software security assurance and before going to purchase the software packages that support software security assurance activities, it is better to evaluate these tools and their effectiveness must be assured.

Security architecture verifies the design of the software and correctly implements the security requirements. Software security assurance is a holistic approach to software development and its main aim is to make critical business software more secure. It is implemented by leading security practitioners, businesses, and government organizations.

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